Feature Description

》60A switching capability

》Very minimal power consumption from the coil

》4KV dielectrics strength coil to contact

》IEC-62055-31 UC2 compliant

》Outline dimensions (39×30×16.5)mm

》RoHS,CQC compliant

Product Details
Contact Data
Rated load(FLA)60A/250VAC
Contact form1A & 1B
Contact materialAgSnO2
Initial contact resistance2mΩ(0.1A@6vdc)
Max.switching current60A
Max.switching voltage250VAC
Max.switching power15000VA
Electrical endurance1x104 ops
Mechanical endurance1x106 ops


Coil typePulse durationPower consumption


Insulation Resistance1000MΩ(at 500VDC)

Dielectric Strengt

Coil To Contact4000VAC 1 min
Across Open Contact2000VAC 1 min
Operate TimeMax.20ms
Release TimeMax.20ms
Shock Resistance Functional100m/s 2(10g)
Shock Resistance Destructive100m/s 2(100g)
Ambient Temperature-40~85℃
Humidity98%RH, +40℃
Vibration Resistance10-55Hz, 1.5mm(DA)
Unit Weight40g
ConstructionDust Protected


Nominal coil voltage6Vdc9Vdc12Vdc24Vdc
Operating Voltage VDC≤4.2≤6.3≤8.4≤16.8
Coil Resistance (Ω±10%)@23℃Single coil resistance24Ω54Ω96Ω384Ω
Dual coil resistance2×12Ω2×27Ω2×48Ω2×192Ω

Ordering Information


Dimensions (mm)



1. All relays must be shipped in the closed state. The relay may become open during shipping or assembly, therefore, it is recommended to set the relay state to off through the power supply.

2. In order to keep the relay in the open or closed state, the coil voltage needs to reach the rated voltage, and the electronic pulse needs to be 5 times the working time to ensure the correct state conversion. Do not apply voltage to T1, T2, and T3 on the coil for more than one minute to prevent the coil from being damaged.

3. The relay has polarity distinction. If the polarity required by the user does not match the data, it should be specially mentioned when ordering.

4. Relays should be handled with care when entering the factory for inspection and use to prevent damage from affecting parameters. Products entering the factory for destructive inspection must be strictly differentiated from normal products and must not be installed and used.

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